“To The Honble Commodore Hood on His Pardoning a Deserter”

It was thy noble soul and high desert
That caus’d these breathings of my grateful heart
You sav’d a soul from Pluto’s dreary shore
You sav’d his body and he asks no more
This generous act Immortal wreaths shall bring
To thee for meritorious was the Spring
From whence from whence, [sic] this candid ardor flow’d
To grace thy name, and Glorify thy God
The Eatherial spirits in the realms above
Rejoice to see thee exercise thy Love
Hail: Commodore may heaven delighted pour
Its blessings plentious in a silent shower
The voice of pardon did resound on high
While heaven consented, and he must not die
On thee, fair victor be the Blessing shed
And rest for ever on thy matchless Head.

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